Festool Trouble-Free System

  • Mobile Compact Workstation
  • Reduces movement of operatives
  • Low air consumption (30% Less)
  • Perfect dust Extraction
  • Reduces sanding time by up to 50%


  • Low sound and vibration level (72dB, 3.7 m/s²)
  • Low compressed air consumption – Reduces Energy Costs by Up to 30%
  • Oil-free motor which results in up to 10 times longer life
  • FUSION-TEC pad with Multi-Jetstream ensures optimal dust extraction and reduced cutting time

IAS 3 : Antistatic Hose

  • 3-in-1 hose connects sander to dust extractor
  • Rotating connector prevents twisting
  • Antistatic design prevents:
    Dust accumulation outside the hose
    Dust accumulation inside the hose thereby reducing clogging
    Static discharges for improved safety


Part Number Description
FES583844 Mobile Dust Extractor CTL 36 E
FES691137 Compressed Air Eccentric Sander LEX3 150/3
FES691138 Compressed Air Eccentric Sander LEX3 150/5
FES497471 Workcenter WCR 1000
FES498361 Holder for Spray Gun WCR 1000 LPH
FES497478 IAS 3 Hose Light 3500AS
FES496186 Selfclean Filter Bag CT36 (5 pcs.)
FES497821 Systainer Sanding in 4 steps 150
FES496141 Compressed Air Module DL CT 26/36/48


Part NumberDescription
POL991101 Polimar Hand Block 70mm x 125mm 13H
POL991102 Polimar Hand Block 70mm x 198mm 22H
POL991103 Polimar Hand Block 70mm x 400mm 53H
POL991104 Polimar Hand Block Flexible Hose 21mm x 4m
POL992101 Polimar Pad Saver 75H ø150mm
POL992102 Polimar Soft Interface Pad 75H 10mm ø150mm
POL992103 Polimar Soft Interface Pad 75H 5mm ø150mm
POL992104 Polimar Microfine Soft Interface Pad 15H 10mm ø150mm
POL992105 Polimar Microfine Soft Interface Pad 15H 5mm ø150mm


Part Number Description Package Quantity
POL901008Polimar P80 ChronoCut Discs 75H P80 ø150mm50
POL901018Polimar P180 ChronoCut Discs 75H P180 ø150mm100
POL901028Polimar P280 ChronoCut Discs 75H P280 ø150mm100
POL901040Polimar P400ChronoCut Discs 75H P400 ø150mm100
POL902008Polimar P80 ChronoCut 3in1 Strips 100H P80 70 x 420mm50
POL902018Polimar P180 ChronoCut 3in1 Strips 100H P180 70 x 420mm100
POL902028Polimar P280 ChronoCut 3in1 Strips 100H P280 70 x 420mm100
POL902040Polimar P400 ChronoCut 3in1 Strips 100H P400 70 x 420mm100