G3 Extra

  • Quickly removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from MS paint systems
  • Restores oxidised paint work and dull surfaces
  • Improved gloss performance properties
  • Ideal for detailing original manufacturer paint work
  • Easy clean up; minimal splatter or dusting
  • Provides a high cutting action with no or minimal swirl on either wool or foam pad
  • Part Number Description Size
    FARG3E101G3 Extra Abrasive Compound1Kg
    FARGMC612G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam (2/pack)Ø 150mm
    FARGMW801G Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad (single)Ø 8"
    FARGMW806G Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad (double)Ø 8"