HR 3000 Automatic Spray Gun Washer

• Compact station for cleaning spray guns
• Automatic spray gun washer with capacity for two spray guns
• Equipped with fluid pumps, cleaning brushes and cleaning nozzle for final rinsing of spray gun with clean fluid
• Raised cover to ensure proper extraction of harmful fumes released during cleaning
• Simultaneously clean second spray gun automatically and manually
• Low solvent use, as the main cleaning cycle reuses solvent
• Safe for user (closed system if set to automatic)
• Durable and easy to clean, fully stainless steel construction
• Includes drip tray as standard

Dimensions158 x 84 x 60 cm
Working height105 cm
Weight70 kg
Extraction pointØ 180 mm
Extraction volume400 m³/h
Collecting tank2 x 25 L
Part Number Description
COL000453 HR 3000 Automatic Spray Gun Washer