VISION2 Software with CAR-O-DATA

Vision2 is part of the Vision system, Car-O-Liner’s state-of-the-art measuring
software that guides the entire repair process and performs automatic
centering, measuring and documentation. Photo-based Vision2 is integrated
with Car-O-Data, the world ́s largest vehicle database. These features
contribute to reduced cycle times and create accurate and efcient alignment

• Guides the entire repair process
• Performs automatic centering, measuring and documentation
• Brand new Vision2 interface, with super user-friendly graphics
• Integrated with Car-O-Data
• Photo-based system helps nd correct measuring points quickly
• Fully compatible with all alignment systems

Car-O-Data is Car-O-Liner’s extensive database containing all information
required for collision repair. The database contains over 16,000 vehicles which
are regularly updated via internet subscription. Each Car-O-Liner measuring
system includes an annual subscription to Car-O-Data via internet.

• 120 quality measuring points per vehicle
• Contours all vehicle information needed for collision repair
• Contains over 16000 vehicles which are regularly updated
• Seamlessly integrated with Vision2 software
• Photographed measuring points
• P2P measurements for unibody and full frame vehicles (Vision2 X3)
• Displays clamp position
• VIN number search function (Vision2 X3)