Our Partners & Brands

Polimar has deep roots in the automotive refinish industry and has become and maintained its position as the best and preferred refinish partner to the automotive trade. The experience that has been built over the years is now translated into a portfolio of products with our partners in mind. All of our products are developed to increase quality, efficiency and/or value to businesses of our customers. Polimar always pursues to innovate its product range which is a testament to our ethos of continuous improvement.

Polimar has been the exclusive importer, distributor and service provider of Car-O-Liner in the United Arab Emirates since 1998. Car-O-Liner is the leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of collision repair and alignment systems.

Car-O-Liner products and services include equipment, systems, software and data for the repair of collision damaged vehicles (cars, SUVs and light trucks). All of Car-O-Liner’s systems and solutions are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design. By integrating our solutions with each other you will not only get flexible, universal collision repair systems, but will also be able to support the entire vehicle repair process thereby reducing cycle times and increasing profits.

The Car-O-Liner headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Car-O-Liner has a regional training center for the Middle East and Africa in the United Arab Emirates. Polimar has one of the few Car-O-Tronic calibration centers in the world.

Consul is a specialist in automotive standard and special lifting equipment. Products are manufactured in Halver, Germany.

Colad is a leading brand in non-paint refinish consumables. Innovation has always been one of the core competencies of the company and lies in the label’s DNA. Products such as the Mixing Cup, Bodyguard paintsuit were invented by Colad.

DeVilbiss is the leading supplier of spray finishing equipment to the automotive refinish market. DeVilbiss has maintained its commitment to innovative technology and established itself as the leaders in cutting-edge finishing equipment by constantly supplying products that achieve the highest quality finish.

Farécla is specialized in the manufacturing of surface finishing products which are used on a variety of substrates. Farecla products are designed with four elements in mind: Quality Assurance – Only the best raw materials are used, proprietary formulations are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions to deliver consistent and reliable products Labour Saving – A Bespoke Engineered Abrasive Technology is used to achieve faster cutting rates which results in a final finish in less time and steps Cost Saving – While using less product a better result can be achieved which results in increased productivity for end-users Permanent Results – A superior and permanent high gloss finish to eliminate the risk of reworks

Festool offers system solutions for the bodyshop, woodworking and aerospace industries. Accelerated workflows will help the thoughtful organization of the workplace. Machines, equipment and consumables are optimally suited to each other and provide an ideal surface quality. Only such interaction of all components will allow to reach the highest productivity at the optimum cost price.

Hamach offers complete solutions for fitting out mixing and working areas in a sustainable manner. With its central HCV dust extraction it also provides a tailor-made solution suiting every budget and every market, with a focus on safety, quality, sustainability and innovation.. In short; Hamach is all about design with creative ingenuity.

IMS Welding offers the largest range of welding, joining and heating equipment for the automotive collision repair industry. The range of products offered has been developed in partnership with the world’s major automotive manufacturers who have built trust in the expertise that IMS offers.

KEEN SPACE® is a 100% Italian brand, designed to create a well-organised work environment in service centres, workshops, or private garages, through a new, modern, and versatile concept. Regardless of the space available, productivity achieves its best when cabinetry and tools are placed in a functional and well-thought way.

Millibar offers spraybooths which are designed to offer top performance, long-term product reliability, low running costs, easy and limited maintenance.

One of the world’s leading refinish brands, delivers exceptional results through its innovative product systems and paint technology. Standox Paint Systems were created to put great paint in the hands of master craftsmen - the professional refinisher who masters the challenges of change and understands the requirements of the future. Simply stated, Standox is the choice for those who approach vehicle refinishing as an art.

Franchised dealers or independent approved repairers using Standox can all reap the benefits of technically superior products. They can rely on paint systems that satisfy all their needs, and also meet the demanding requirements of the world’s leading car producers.

Standox has now attained approvals from all leading manufacturers, providing that Standox products meet the quality specifications of the OEM carmakers. Naturally this makes Standox an ideal partner for bodyshops, the car manufacturers and dealers globally.

USI Italia is the uncontested leader in the spray booth market. With the introduction of the Chronotech technology, USI revolutionized the painting process and proved that innovation and research are the core values of the company. USI manufactures spray booths, preparation areas, paint test cabinets and complimentary equipment.

Worky manufactures products for automotive, truck, motorbike and general transport workshops. The product range includes exhaust fume extraction systems, fluid distribution systems, welding fume extractions systems as well as dust extraction systems.