Mark 6

  • Universal solution for cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs
  • Powerful — 10-ton draw aligner offering 2800 kg of lifting capacity and 360° multi-angle pulling
  • Drive-on mounting for quick set-up, diagnosis and repair
  • Compatible with EVO 1, 2 & 3 Universal Anchoring and Holding Systems
  • Compatible with the Car-O-Tronic and Car-O-Mech Measuring Systems
  • Truck clamping accessories provide strong, no-slip and safe holding
  • Interchangeable accessories to allow a custom-built system
  • Fixed, mobile or pit installation for maximum flexibility
  • OEM approved specific options
Lifting Platform
Length4060 mm (13')
Length with draw aligner5180 mm (17')
Width900 mm (3')
Width with draw aligner2020 mm (6.75')
Min Height200 mm (7.9")
270 (10.5") mm top of cylinder
Max Height (Floor to top of platform)1360 mm (3.5')
Work Area Size (Draw aligner on both sides) 3140 mm² (10'sq)
Total weight, lift and work platform680kgs (1496 lbs)
Mobile CapacityYes (Optional)
Milled Surface for measuringYes
Pulling Force10 tons (per draw aligner)
Hydraulic Pressure210 bar
Air connection PressureMax 10 bar
Lift capacity in ground (max vehicle weight)3000 kg
Power3Ph, 50Hz, 200/220/400V
1Ph, 60Hz, 110/220V
Part Number Description
CAR34574 BM05 Mark 6 base frame with lift
CAR35879 T611 Power unit 400V, 3Ph, 50Hz including T655 oil
CAR34429 T550 Ramp kit for Mark 6
CAR30346 D16 Draw aligner
CAR44450 D164 Cylinder & pump for D16
CAR35889 T35 Chain kit, 10 ton
CAR30412 D90 Down pull
CAR30176 B60 Bench parts for Mark 6
CAR35413 EVO1 Basic
CAR35829 EVO MK Adapter for Mark 6
CAR35797 WSE211 EVO1 Tool board set
CAR34638 T10 Universal pulling hook set
CAR30541 T11 Accessories for T10
CAR32000 T70 Pull clamp kit
CAR31040 T250 Cable protector