G3 Premium

  • The only compound needed to permanently remove P1500 or fi­ner sanding marks from all modern paint systems
  • Swirl free, high gloss finish with reduced product consumption
  • Has a high cutting power which does not diminish over a short time
  • Contains no fi­llers, silicones or die-back
  • Improved slip; No dragging, staining or hazing on fresh paints
  • No dusting or splatter
  • Exceptionally easy and quick to wipe-off
  • Part Number Description Size
    FARG3P101G3 Premium Abrasive Compound1Kg
    FARGMC618G Mop Super High Cut Compounding Pad (1/pack)Ø 150mm
    FARGMC612G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam (2/pack)Ø 150mm
    FARGMF601G Mop Finishing FoamØ 150mm

    G3 Extra

    Process Chart