USI Chronotech

USI Chronotech is the best spraybooth available. Controlled by highly intelligent systems, cycle times can be reduced by up to 50% thereby improving productivity to 200%!

  • Cycle inversion dynamic dampers
  • Humidity-based Temperature regulation
  • Warm-up operations and perfect cure function that regulates air volume
  • Easy Paint System that automatically sets the working phases and parameters for the painter
  • DGT Manager: Software for total control
  • Remote assistance: Customer service icon to alert dedicated technicians who can diagnose the system in real time
  • USI Chronotech is Popular with F1 teams such as Mercedes AMG Petronas,Ferrari and Red Bull

Chronotech offers all the features of the USI Master in addition to the following:

DGT Manager

  • Software that supervises and organises workflow
  • Receive all information on energy consumption in real-time for each job, including time reports for the single phases,operators and pieces.
  • Creates a database with the time and cost of each cycle
  • Ability to filter work orders by multiple different criteria


  • Features Easy Paint System which is considered as the ideal help for all painters. For every cycle, EPS suggests the most efficient process in real-time; automatically regulating airflow, timings, temperature, phase sequences, etc. E.P.S. enables bodyshops to obtain a high-quality work in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible for each type of painting work and product.

USI Inverters

  • 70-80% of electrical energy consumption is caused by electrical motors. Chronotech’s input and output motors are equipped with inverters to control its speed, reduce noise levels and improve efficiency. The inverter management software ensures that motors operate only at the required RPM thus greatly reducing energy consumption when compared to running at full load.

AIR BLUE Technology

  • Natural gas or LPG burner with DNV certification causing very lowenvironmental impact
  • Rapid temperature ramp up time, as low as 1 minute! Set temperature is quickly reached and maintained with high stability
  • Reduce cycle time by up to 50%
  • Increase productivity by up to 200% when compared to conventional spraybooths
USI Master 70.40.28 7.00m 4.00m 2.80m
USI Master 90.40.34 9.00m 4.00m 3.40m
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