• Universal — allows for attachments for various OEM approved applications such as riveting, punching, pressing out and calibrating
  • Highly efficient with a pressure ratio of 100:1
  • Push & Pull —PNP 90 XT2 2-circuit hydraulic system 10-ton push,8-ton pull; PNP 90: 6 ton pull
  • Adjustable operating pressure — PNP 90 XT2 dial provides precise variable adjustment of the working pressure
  • Save time with colour coding & labelling of the rivet inserts
  • Sturdy construction offers low maintenance & long lifetime
  • Upgradable from PNP 90 to PNP 90 XT2 with upgrade kit
Pump PNP 90 UN 2.0
Length x Width x Height (without hoses, incl. handle) 330 x 230 x 213 mm
Weight (without hoses) 8 kg
Max input pressure 6 bar / 87 PSI
Max operating pressure 600 bar
Hydraulic gun HP 35 UN
Length x Width x Height (including handle)246 x 50 x 105 mm
Max operating pressure600 bar
Travel15 mm
Part Number Description
CAR45704 PNP90 Universal Riveting System