CTR7 Spot Welder

  • Provides quality spot welds with all the new high strength steels using cutting edge inverter technology
  • A wide range of accessories and sophisticated software with semi-automaticcontrol features guarantee perfect welding results
  • Reduce cycle times with easy-to-read, 7” colour screen making navigation and setting easier
  • Innovative, compact design with low centre of gravity for increased safety and easy handling
  • Transformer Gun Technology for greater working range
  • Aluminium telescopic support arm with integrated balancer (optional) for adjustable height
  • Welding currents up to 12,000 amps for powerful output for the toughest welding jobs
  • User-friendly control panel for easy navigation
  • Large 20 litre tank for effcient water-cooled operation
  • Weldlogger program for documentation and registration welding data via PC and USB
CTR7 Spot Welder
Max. voltage 3 x 400V 50 Hz
Max power 75kVA
Fuse (delayed action 16-32 A
Protection type IP21
Insulation class F
Compressed air supply 5-10 bar (72-145 PSI)
Power unit for transformer gun (10 KHZ)
Output current 0-200 A
Output voltage 560V
Cooling power 1000 W
Tank capacity 20 l (5.3gal
Flow rate 2 l/min (0.53 gal)
Dimensions (HxWxD) approx. (without support arm) 1130 x 650 x 930 mm (44.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 in)
Approx. Weight (without support arm) 92 kg (202 lbs)
Transformer C- Gun Connection Data
Primary voltage / Frequency 560 V/10 kHz
Primary power (100% duty cycle 20kVA
Protection type IP21
Insulation class F
Cooling type Liquid Cooled
Welding Circuit
Welding amperage 10,000 A (Current Controlled
Max. output amperage 12 000 A
No-load voltage 12.5 VDC
Mechanical Data
Electrode force 0 - 500 daN
(0 - 1124 lbf)
Weight, with 80mm yoke, ca 11 kg (24 lbs)
Cable length 6 m (19.7 ft)

Part Number Description
CAR45240 CTR7 Spot Welder