Speed Plus

  • Versatile bench for small and quick pulls
  • Highly effective light weight
  • 5-ton draw aligner with 2500 kg lifting capacity
  • 360° pulling to complete the entire job on the same bench
  • Bay can still be used when bench is not in use
  • Small footprint
  • Laser-cut components in high-strength steel guarantee high precision
  • Mechanical security lock provides maximum safety for technicians
  • Allows for attachment of two draw aligners, one at either end
  • Available in grey
Lifting Platform
Length Speed2510 mm
Length Speed Plus2833 mm
Width766 mm
Max Length with draw aligner3600 mm
Max width with draw aligner2486 mm
Min Height104 mm
Max Height 1600 mm
Work Area Size Speed (Draw aligner on both sides)3600 x 2966 mm
Work Area Size Speed Plus (Draw aligner on both sides) 5064 x 2966 mm2
Total weight lift and work platform550-600 kg
In-ground capabilityYes
Pulling Force (per draw aligner)5 tons
Hydraulic Pressure210 bar
Air connection pressure10 bar (max)
Lift Capacity (max vehicle weight)2500 kgs
Sound levelBelow 70 dB(A)
Electrical Cable Length4 m
Hydraulic Hose Length7 ms
Power3Ph, 50Hz, 200/220/400V
1Ph, 60Hz, 110/220V
Part Number Description
CAR34576 BS13 Speed with lift
CAR35879 T611 Power unit 400V, 3 Ph, 50Hz including T655 oil
CAR33045 D20 Speed drawer aligner
CAR44449 D165 Cylinder & pump to D20
CAR33001 D201 Side pull support
CAR32992 D92 Speed down pull
CAR35898 B660 bench parts
CAR32868 B637 Extension 60
CAR31040 T250 Cable protection