Spot 7500 C Spot Welder

  • Convenient traditional A.C. spot-welder for car body welding
  • Performs quality spot welds with car steel, including high strength steel
  • Features electronically controlled automatic mode
  • Up to 300 daN clamping force with 7 bar air pressure
  • Lightweight aluminium clamp at 5 kg; easy to handle
  • Ideal clamp for all types of metal works
  • Forced air-cooling system for cables
  • 200 10 mmcross-section welding cables
  • One and four pulse modes
  • Aluminium made electrodes
  • Front pressure regulator
  • Single-sided welding tool with 2.5 meter cable for spot hammer welding,stud/rivet/ring welding and carbon shrinking
  • Includes accessory box
  • Support cable bracket with a telescopic arm
Input Power 400V - 2 - 32 A (D)
Output current (RMS) 7500 A
Output current (MAX) 10500 A
Clamping force 300 daN
Output voltage 11 V
Dimension 55x75x190 cm
Weight 100Kg
Comes with
Part Number Description
IMS021129 Spot 7500 C Spot Welding Equipment