CMI3000II MIG/MAG Welder

  • Intelligent MIG/Mag Welding Machine
  • For sheet metal welding and MIG brazing
  • Digital intelligence makes it easy to find the program relevant to the individual car
  • True Spray Pulse function prevents damage to heat sensitive materials like aluminium or galvanized steel 
  • Pulse and Quatro Pulse Modes for heat sensitive materials
Input voltage3 x 400V ( 3 x 230V - 500V)*, 50-60Hz *Configured with auto transformer
Current range DC15 - 300A
Duty cycle 20°|40°|40°300A/100% | 270 A/100% | 300 A/80%
Efficiency rate | Power factor0.85 | 0.90
Dimensions L x W x H92.5 × 52.4 × 90.6 cm
Weight (incl. supply cable)58 kg
CAR34556   CMI3000II MIG/MAG Welding Machine