Millibar Spraybooth

  • Double wall spray booth with polyurethane insulation
  • Fiberglass insulated frontal with 3-fold entry floor (one acts as service door)
  • Plenum with ceiling filters
  • 7.5kW direct start motors for intake and exhaust
  • Manual damper to adjust pressure in the booth
  • Instruments and Safety Devices:
  1. - Manometer
  2. - High Temperature Limit switch
  3. - Low Pressure switch
  4. - Flow switch to control air flow
  • Neutral tone uniform lighting devoid of glare.
  • 8 light fixtures in 4 rows lighting the 7m booth with 32 58W XL neon tubes.
  • Neon tubes housed in top fixtures inclined at 45°; allowing precise shadow-free colour correction
  • Downdraft ventilation system assuring the best conditions for painting
  • Completely filtered ceiling and the air exhaust pit underneath generate vertical downdraft air flow
  • Airflow is evenly distributed allowing overspray to be removed immediately at all points around the vehicle
  • Grated floor made of galvanized metal with 800kg w.p. capacity
  • Fiberglass floor filters under grating
  • High energy savings due to recirculation of most of the heat produced for the bake cycle
  • Even temperature distribution at all points around the vehicle
  • Rapid reaching of bake temperature and consequent reduction of bake times
  • Side installed thermal ventilating unit equipped with pre-filters
  • 20,700 m3/h fan air volume capacity
  • Adjustable damper for varying in-booth pressure
  • Easy-Control electric panel recessed into booth front
    - 1 temperature controller with 2 set points for paint phase and bake phase
    - Bake phase timer
    - Operation hour-counter
    - 1 potentiometer for pressure adjustment
Millibar Model 2.0 7.00m 4.00m 2.78m
Millibar LT 7.00m 4.00m 2.80m