Spot 13000 HP CX Spot Welder

  • Multifunctional welder with water-cooled X and C clamps
  • 550 daN electrode arms force at 8 bars and 13000 A welding current
  • Ideal for high strength steels (UHSS/boron steel)
  • Lightweight and easy to handle X and C clamps which are suited for all types of metal works
  • Single-sided gun with 3 meter cable: spot hammer welding, stud/rivet/ring welding, carbon shrinking
  • Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
  • Auto mode for welding without entering any parameters
  • Record characteristics of each welding on SD card
  • Large 6’’ display with intuitive menu
  • Remote control on the clamp
  • Liquid-cooled arms up to the tips
  • Sound alert if the actual clamp force is too low
Input Power 400V - 3 - 32 A (D)
Output current (RMS) 13000 A
Clamping force 550 daN
Cooling system Liquid Air
Output voltage 11 V
Dimension 55x75x190 cm
Weight 100Kg
Comes with
Part Number Description
IMS021297 Spot 13000 HP CX Spot-Welding Equipment