Surface Preparation Equipment

A proper dust extraction system reduces the chance of dust contaminating the painting area and cuts the time and expense of labour spent on clean-up. And because sandpaper is kept free from dust, it lasts longer, adding to the savings.

From a Health & Safety perspective. Small sized dust particles are extremely hazardous to health as they can penetrate into lung tissue and accumulate. It is essential that a system is installed which matches both the sanding machine and its intended purpose. Festool’s Dust Extraction System delivers the industry leading solution to dust extraction needs of all bodyshop sizes. With extractors that can collect up to 99.995% of dust generated from sanding, the right solution can be installed based on the bodyshop capacity.

Mobile dust extractors is a versatile solution for workshops of all sizes. Workshops with smaller bay areas can benefit from the space that can be made available due to the easy mobility the extraction system provides. They come in four variants as a comprehensive system.

For bodyshops with 2 adjacent work bays, Stationary Dust Extraction System is the best suited solution. It consists of an extraction unit that can placed at a convenient location between the two bays and have its energy box extended for easy reach using a boom arm. An energy box reduces operator movement and optimises dust extraction with the integrated automatic switch-on/shut-off, easy closing and opening of the extraction channel.

For workshops with larger preparation areas hosting over 3 workstations, the TURBO II exhaust turbines provide a highly efficient and powerful central dust extraction performance for up to 14 workstations. The intelligent Dynamic Control Technology controls optimum ratio between the required suction power and energy requirement thereby ensuring 100% extraction at all times across all workstations while reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum. Working in combination with the energy box and boom-arm, up to 80% of reduction in energy consumption can be achieved. The performance is achieved by the continuous provision of the vacuum in the system, fully automatic filter cleaning cycles and automatic cleaning of the pipe system when fitted with a fiushing air valve.

A combination of the three systems can be installed in workshops to provide a highly efficient dust extraction system that help keep an ideal environment for preparation areas.