USI Master

  • USI spraybooth base model
  • Suitable for all types of body work and paint systems
  • Maximum performance, reliability and ease of use
  • USI Italia Industrial Turbines mounted directly to the motors for incredible air volumes

Air Recirculation System

The exclusive air recirculation system between the heating/ventilating unit and the spray booth offers the following advantages

  • Entire bake phase air volume is handled by heating unit with fixed air exchange rate, which is crucial for quick and optimal baking of water-based and high solid paints
  • Uniformity of temperature
  • High energy saving by recirculating most of the heated air for the curing cycle
  • Significantly increased productivity as the set bake temperature is quickly reached

Panels with excellent thermal and sound insulation

  • High temperature resistant powder-coated panels with double-wall insulation keeps noise low, improves heat retention and provides strong seal against contamination

Highly Energy Efficient Motors

  • USI ITALIA motors offer the highest energy efficiency thereby reducing consumption by 60% in comparison to traditional installations.
  • Produces low noise due to exclusive design of the fan
  • Uses reverse-blade industrial turbines coupled directly to the motor thereby improving motor efficiency
  • Virtually maintenance free: The lack of transmission equipment (such as belts, tensioners and pulleys) cuts down on maintenance that’s required by transmission ventilation systems

Highly efficient and effective lighting

  • Large-area reflectors with XL fluorescent tubes eliminates glare and shadows providing homogeneous light without altering the colour
  • High-efficiency fluorescent tubes in combination with electrotonic ballasts reduces electrical consumption to around 30% less than traditional systems
  • Hinged frames make fluorescent tube replacement quick and simple
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